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Twenty-six Sisters make Final Commitment

During the solemn Eucharistic celebration on the feast of the Immaculate…

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MSMHC Educators' Meet
Twenty-six Sisters make Final Commitment
Final Profession

During the solemn Eucharistic celebration on the feast of the Immaculate Conception on 8 December at Hatigaon, twenty-six Sisters sisters pledged their final vows to the Lord. Archbishop John Moolachira of Guwahati Diocese in his homily affirmed Christ as the centre of consecrated life, the source of meaning and the reason of sacrifice and commitment. 

The hall was packed with parents, well-wishers, sisters and other religious dignitaries who came to witness the event and bless the finally professed sisters. It was indeed an exalting moment for the congregation as the event symbolized growth and grace.

Prior to the day of the final commitment was days of immediate and intense preparation from 1 October to 6 November at Bethel under the guidance of Sr. Asha Mao, the General Councillor for Formation. Besides the various enhancing sessions on topics related to personal and religious life by different resource persons, time spent in prayer, reflections and spiritual retreats enwrapped the soul of the programme.