Golden and Silver Jubilee of Profession

The jubilee celebration begun at Hatigaon on 31 August as the Jubilarians…

jubilee 2017
MSMHC Educators’ Meet at DBI, Guwahati

A three-day Animation Programme was organised for Principals of MSMHC…

MSMHC Educators Meet
Domestic Workers Week Celebrated

Centre for Development Initiatives (CDI), the Social Development wing of the…

Domestic Workers Day
Inauguration of the Institute Block of FIS

20 June, 2017 marked another milestone in the history of Ferrando Institute…

Domestic Workers Week Celebrated
Domestic Workers

Centre for Development Initiatives (CDI), the Social Development wing of the congregation observed a week long Domestic ‘Workers Week’ from 10 to 16 June 2017 with the theme “Domestic Work is Work, Domestic workers are also like any other Workers entitled to Decent Work.”  Various programmes were organized in 12 cities of the region to create public awareness and promote local networking partners to support and improve the living and working conditions of the thousands of domestic workers in the North East.  The observation of the week reached its climax with the celebration of International Domestic Workers Day on the 16 June. 

Workshops on the chosen theme of the year, round table conferences, press conferences, campaigns and demonstrations through street plays, rally, post cards, postal and other media campaigns attracted the public attention. These were also given wider coverage by both print and electronic media.
It is believed that in Northeast India alone there are about four to five lakhs of women and girls employed in Domestic work and who are often undervalued and underpaid. Understanding this existing situation, the organization aims at finding a way out for fixing a minimum wage policy in all the states of the region.

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