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MSMHC Educators' Meet
Foundation Day

Foundation day celebration at Hatigaon on 24 October was a day of gratitude and thanksgiving. The highlight of the day was the opera on Bishop Ferrando staged by the students of LFS after the Holy Eucharist presided over by Fr. V. M. Thomas along with other priests from the neighbouring institutes. The stunning performance of the students arrested the attention of thousands who gathered on the occasion at the school ground.

The opera depicted the inspiring life story of Venerable Bishop Ferrando who was a passionate missionary and a holy pastor in the Northeast for 46 years. The two hour long programme kept the entire audience spellbound as it was intermingled with beautiful narration, dialogue, music and dances. The play presented the Venerable as a man of high calibre, deep faith and wisdom. It pointed out that he made no compromises while executing his duties as a leader and guide. His courage and wisdom led him take up the challenges of the mission. His readiness to do whatever demanded of him is explained well in the scenes that depicted his service during the world war. It also displayed how the Italian missionary who came to Northeast India in 1923 along with his companions took keen interest in learning the language, customs and traditions of the people. In the new land of his mission, besides being a true missionary he played the role as Novice Master and Rector for 10 years and finally took up the role of shepherding the diocese of Krishnagar for a year and then the diocese of Shillong for 34 years. 

The opera highlighted the circumstances that led to the founding of MSMHC on 24 October 1942 and the works of the Sisters.The moving episodes were truly inspirational and motivating that everyone who watched the show commented on the magnanimity of the holy pastor who toiled for the people of the region. The play also helped to give an understanding to the viewers about the life and mission of the MSMHC. 

The opera staged on 24 October at Hatigaon had the participation of above 600 students taking various roles of the scenes and dances that were choreographed to blend the setting of the play. It was indeed a concerted effort of the staff and students of LFS. Hats off to the LFS family for their committed efforts to give the best gift to MSMHC on its foundation day by reliving the founder and the founding days.