Pope Francis on the Ascension: Christ 'does not want to limit our freedom' by his presence

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Pope Francis
Canonical Visitation Tinsukia Province

Canonical Visitation in Sacred Heart Province Tinsukia The Superior General…

Superior General with the sisters and Candidates of Tinsukia Province
Pope Francis Breathes on Chrism Oil

Pope Francis breathes on chrism oil, a gesture symbolizing the infusion of…

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In the footsteps of the master

In the footsteps of the Master

“In the footsteps of the master”, written by Sr. Elizabeth Packumala gives an elaborate life sketch of Bishop Stephen Ferrando (1895 – 1978), the founder of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC). The book presents the various phases of Bishop Ferrando’s life, his virtues and fame of sanctity. It explains how he lived his life, following the footsteps of his Master in humility, unquestioning obedience and deep faith, leaving behind a record of sacred memories. The author has portrayed him as a simple, unassuming and down to earth person.

The North East India

The North East IndiaThe book “The North East India” by Archbishop Stephen Ferrando gives the story of the Salesian Missions in India from 1936-1974 in palatable language and uninterrupted clarity. The author of this book is not a scholar, but a much spoken and revered person among the missionaries of today. In the foreword he speaks of himself as an ‘actor in the most beautiful missionary dramas in the India subcontinent’. The book narrates about the life of the earlier missionaries in the Northeast, their indomitable spirit and unflagging zeal for souls. It reports about their life in the missions that was marked by simplicity and austerity, which not only created opportunities to reach out to thousands but also influenced many to accept the faith.

The book is translated from Italian to English by Sr. Philomena Mathew MSMHC.

In Pursuit of Living the Mandate

The book, “In Pursuit of Living the Mandate”, published on the platinum jubilee of the Congregation (24 October 2017) is a piece of the historic celebration of the year with a specific view on highlighting its various missionary endeavours in pursuit of living the mandate of Christ. Tracing our root through this book, we reconnect ourselves with our Founder and pioneers (Sr. Philomena Mathew), invigorating our spirits in sharing the evangelizing mission of the Church (Sr. Bridget Diengdoh) through various activities. Emphasis on the core element of our In Pursuit of Living the Mandatecharism is given as we are called to take Jesus into the homes and hearths of people (Fr. Jose Varickasseril) with zeal. As members of the Congregation dedicated to works of charity, we are distinctly characterised with love for the poor and marginalised (Sr. Rose Paite) and lay emphasis on empowering women as our special predilection (Sr. Tessy Joseph). We largely focuse on bringing wellness in the lives of people through healing ministry (Sr. Lisa Elavunkel) and strive to establish a civilization of love based on the Gospel values through our educative ministry (Sr. Irene Zosiami). And, in all our endevours we are called to be apostles of Christ after the apostolic heart of Bishop Ferrando (Sr. Molly Mathew). With our charismatic identity as missionaries (Sr. Rosita Joseph), we, as MSMHC journey through the 75 years crossing many important milestones (Sr. Shiji James) with Mary at the core of all our missionary activities (Sr. Meena Tirkey). Creating a culture of understanding today (Thomas Menamparampil) we are called to claim and reclaim our space (Fr. Thomas Manjaly) in the Church and the society.

This special volume highlights the life and mission of MSMHC and reveals its unique identity. It reiterates the marvels God has done throughout its bygone years. It unfolds the tale of a missionary enterprise that gave rise to many meaningful undertakings that contributed to the remarkable growth of the Church and the society.

Spreading the Light of Christ

(Socio – Cultural and Pastoral Approach of MSMHC Mission)

This book consists of a collection of Papers presented by eminent scholars at the Symposium held on 05 - 08 Spreading the Light of ChristNovember, 2018 at Little Flower Convent, Hatigaon on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of the Congregation. It gives an overview of the Mission, Vision and Missionary Approach of the MSMHC and its impact, challenges and scope in the past and present socio - cultural and political scenario. The convergence of thoughts and insights brought out at Symposium reflects the wide-ranging face of the Congregation and gauges its various dimensions of existence. While basking on its rich missionary legacy, success story and vibrant missionary nature, there is an urgency for the Congregation to revitalize its inherent identity as a missionary and renew its evangelizing activities in a new way in an ever-evolving culture of the present time.

This historical and remarkable event beckons the Congregation to a new era of evangelization wherein mission ad gentes retains its priority in all the apostolates and reasserts its relevance in today’s contexts. With the setting in of another spring time of evangelization for the MSMHC at this significant event of Symposium which highlights the missionary aspects of the Congregation, it is important to have a systematic approach to missionary enterprises which also calls for sustained and concerted efforts.

A Tribute to Mother Packumala

A Tribute to Mother Packumala“A tribute to Mother Elizabeth Packumala” is a special publication released on 27 November 2018 to mark the first death anniversary of Mother Elizabeth Packumala. It is a simple but tangible gesture of love and gratitude to Mother Packumala, who sacrificed her entire life for the congregation and the church. This work is an effort to keep alive her loving memory. It consists of narratives by the members of the congregation and others who knew her. The writings are simple and profound expressions with a personal touch. However, while reading through, one will easily find many common traits of her rich personality running through the pages of this book.