Examination of the First Miracle

As the people of Northeast awaits to see their much loved pastor being…

Inter-provincial council Meet 2017

The annual meeting of the Inter-provincial council (IPC) 2017 was held at…

Orientation Programme for New Superiors

The newly appointed animators of the communities were given an orientation…

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Canonical Erection of Ferrando Province

The MSMHC Generalate at Hatigaon solemnized the event of canonical erection…

Ghy province
Young Apostles of Christ

Motto: "Love and Serve"

The body shall be known as “The Young Apostles of Christ” (YAC) according to the motto of our Founder Bishop Stephen Ferrando “Apostle of Christ.”

The YAC movement is started to involve the youth in the mission of MSMHC. There are 58 units with more than 1245 active members and more than 240 Sisters have been trained to animate this movement. The YAC carry out missionary apostolate like preaching, family visits, charitable works, organizing prayer services and church choir. They also take active part in Peace Building through street play and animation.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To facilitate the understanding of Catholic faith, life and vocation and to ensure commitment among the youth to continue the mission of the Church.
  2. To form the youth on Gospel values to help them to be authentic in their commitment to Jesus, and to empower them through the development of human potentialities.
  3. To form lay collaborators in evangelization and catechetical work as young missionaries and make them share in our missionary charism for the growth of the church.
  4. To make greater efforts to establish the Kingdom of God through justice and peace.
  5. To foster total personal and spiritual growth in each young person and to promote vocations to the active missionary life.
  6. To build up the youth and empower them to reach out to others.
  7. To make the youth effective agents of integrated transformation in the society.
  8. To involve the youth and to ensure their cooperation for the purpose of promoting communal harmony.
  9. To build up Basic Christian Communities.
  10. To conduct charitable services for the poor, rural and needy people.
  11. To form future leaders of the Church and society.

                                   Young Apostles of Christs - Bible Study at Bethel, MSMHC Retreat Center